Home IMGEquilibrate-Nutrition for the Balanced Horse supplements are designed to feed the whole horse and not just their parts.

Equilibrate supplements are formulated by an equine scientist with a lifetime of practical horse experience.
All Products are Formulated by an Equine Scientist and Nutritionist
∙ Complete traceability and pharmaceutically checked
∙ Organic sources ensuring best utilisation by the horse
∙ No Fillers∙Colourants ∙Flavourants ∙Preservatives


We also formulate for specific situations and individuals.

Herbs NOT limited to :
Sutherlandia- immunity and digestive aide, anti- stress and general tonic
Garlic- a natural antibiotic, parasitic and insecticide Kelp- major source of iodine
Devils Claw- reduces pain and inflammation
Horsetail- good levels of silica essential for hair, bones,hooves. Accelerates healing
MSM- natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller
Glucosamine- maintains and repairs joints,tendons and ligaments.
Valerian- mild sedative for anxiety and stress: Probiotics for a healthy digestive ystem